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Linkin' FIGURE to BONE? Big DILEMMA...

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Unfortunately I don't think the basic calls are in ASL to return a bone's coordinate system. I've added it to the wish list for ASL so it won;t be forgotten.


--- Quote from: Steve on May 26, 2017, 03:55:57 pm ---This is one of the things that I wanted to do fro v1.0 but didn't get it finished.
I'll be working on this this summer after visiting Italy for June.
--- End quote ---
something to look forward to in Anim8or v1.1!  8)

Steeve: Thanks! :D

Sorry, Steve! I've just remembered something.
Dunno if it's a bug but...
       Let's say I have the cat figure with 5 IK chains (4legs and head). I go in scene mode and make an animation. Then I want to add another IKchain for the tail, let's say. I go back in figure mode and create it. When trying to animate the new IKchain in the same scene, it won't work. And also, resets after a preview render.
     All 6IKchains (original 5 + the new one) work just fine only if I import the figure in a NEW scene.

daniel99: This looks like a bug. I probably need to rebuild the controller list or some related structure. I'll look into it.

#100-009 - Adding IK chain to existing IK animated figure doesn't work correctly.


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