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New Trailer (Using only Anim8tor models)

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Hi everyone.

It's nice to be here again. I've been using Anim8tor to 3D model ever since I found it in 2008. It's by far the easiest and most sensical program for 3D modeling in my opinion. Over the years I started to learn how to make video games. I finally have a few trailers up for my latest project and am currently trying to get steam greenlight. Every 3D model in the trailer/game is made in Anim8tor. I think it's one of the few games that is. I'm hoping that in the future people learn that Anim8tor can be used to make really nice/cool things as well and not just cute things.

Enjoy the trailer:

And if you can, please share/support so we can get greenlit on steam here:

Thank you so much for your time, I hope you guys like what you see :)


I love the look! Fantastic work.

Thank you Ronalde!

And that means a lot coming from you Mr. Steve, the creator himself :) I'll keep you all posted as the project comes to a close :)

Sweet! Nice work too.


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