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Group / Ungroup - inconsistent effects on Object Layers

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That's an "embarrassed" symbol :-[ . This is the one for sad  :(  They look too much alike! Anyway I was referring to my using group for layer TWICE :) (That one is a smiley face)


--- Quote from: Steve on May 30, 2017, 07:58:36 pm --- I was referring to my using group for layer TWICE :)

--- End quote ---
Birds of a feather, flock together! :)

No need to be embarrassed about a couple of typos, but the fact that you were thinking about groups and layers interchangedly (is that a word?) .. suggests a possible elegant simplification...
Maybe groups and layers are conceptually one and the same. This might open a whole can of worms though. (EDIT: Don't tell the birds about the worms!)

Yes, it is logical the grouped items from the same layer to stay in that same layer. As for grouping different items from different layers I think the right way is to bring an aware window wich will remind that things can be grouped only if they belong to the same layer, so the meshes-itemes to be grouped from different layers first should be manualy transfered to one same. That way there will be some kind of control on what is where. And actually, it seems that there is no need to create some items on different layers and for some reason group them later on one, so it's kind of a special sittuation and will be met not that often.


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