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Continuous Crashes on UV Maps

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Good news!!... fingers crossed that was it, exciting and quick.

OKAY, limit to 4 textures until next fix, easy enough.

Steve, I have question for you relating to this new 4 map limit discovery. Is the (library) list of linked UVmaps.jpg files seen in the TEXTURE SELECTOR window related to the 4 map limit? Or is it solely a matter of just limiting 4 maps within the SURFACE TEXTURE EDITOR window? I assume I can navigate to my local texture map folder and load up any number of jpg files in the TEXTURE SELECTOR editor, but need to restrict the number of maps assigned to the MATERIAL EDITOR / SURFACE property to just 4 jpgs. As an example, 1 map to Diffuse, 1 map to Specular, 1 map to Normal and the 4th to Environment.


#100-010 - GLSL materials with more than 4 textures are broken.

It's a limit of 4 textures in a single surface. It's just a bug in my code that can miss cleaning up after rendering a material that uses more than 4 textures.

Unfortunately it's fairly complex to fix so I don't if I can get it fixed just now. I'm leaving for Italy Friday. If I don't get it fixed tomorrow or so it won't be done until I get back in early July :'(

Stable today after reducing to 4 textures per surface. Have a great trip Steve.


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