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Rendering Hangs

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That's great Steve, it works now.

just as a matter of interest I wondered if you were keeping the internal build number incrementing, however I opened about to find it simply says 1.00a.

I think it might be good to keep the internal build number which would mean we were on v1.00.1.1274
(1269, B1, B2, B3, V1, V1a)


I keep an internal build number like 1.00.1294 based on version 1.00 and the change list number for it in Perforce, the source control data base that I use.

For release builds I think it's simpler to use 1.00 and then add a letter after to distinguish bug-fix-only releases. You can see this number in the About dialog, though I guess it would be better to show it on the splash screen as well.

For development releases I use 1.01.1293, where 1293 is also the change list.

Thanks Steve, the updates are greatly appreciated!!



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