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Rendering Hangs

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#100-011 - Rendering a scene a second time hangs.
I think I've found the problem. I'm working on a solution.

dancingshoes,  I tried to render that panoramic scene into AVI and it gave the same error, win764bit, Anim8or run in XP3 mode.

Why don't you try rendering movie in PNG pictures, then consolidate those pictures into a movie with some external program, it always works great, you can save yourself some time by rendering those pictures only once, and you can add some effects like music etc... I really like Anim8or's speed when it comes to animating, but I can't count the number of my fails when I tried to render full scene into a movie directly.
Please don't anyone understand me wrong, there are some fast codecs that render preview of the movie very fast within An8, but the full scale rendering of HQ scene is  something that should be done perfect and if possible just once. When you render movie into png, even if computer crashes within rendering you can just continue from the next frame- no need to render anything twice.

you might increase the length of your scene up to a 400 frames to look more 'fluid'. And how did you take that picture? it's great.

Just a note to say that I'll have a fix for this and some other minor issues up soon.

Sorry for my late response however I think this sounds like the issue I had posted about here,5563.msg41999.html#msg41999

--- Quote ---Win 10 16251
Clicking render works once, after that clicking render again the render controls appear but the image options window does not.
Click close and the menu bar becomes active but the rest of the screen stays in render mode
Click render again and all is well, image options show and render starts.
click close and window returns to object/scene mode.

--- End quote ---


I posted and update
that fixes a few bugs that were in the original v1.0 release:

#100-010 - GLSL materials with more than 4 textures are broken.
#100-011 - Rendering a scene a second time hangs.
#100-012 - Shape rotations don't follow object coordinates in object editor.


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