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Rendering a series of png images

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Hi there,
Im  new... Im going to use anim8or to create backgrounds for
a cartoon im making in macromedia flash 8. But Im having trouble
exporting a series of png images in anim8or 1.0.
Can anyone help?


Hi NoobJens007

What is the problem? 

To make a series of .PNG images, use the Render->RenderMovie command and select the .PNG format. This will generate a sequence of  files namex xxx0000.png, xxx0001.png, .etc.

Ok thanks, I think I will just render single images and use them for backgrounds  in the animation.
It takes a long time on my computer to render a single image

Rendering time is going to depend on both the rendering software and the complexity of the scene.

You can export to obj and use a different renderer and/or you can render only some of the objects and use your favorite image processing software to composite separate images together.


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