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Rendering a series of png images

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I found out that on both of my laptops the same issue occurs. I use a Surface pro, but switched to my big Asus laptop
because it is more powerful. This is what happens: when I open anim8or v.1.0 and edit something, then try to render
my movie as jpg images, nothing happens, except I can render 1 image. If I then close anim8or and go directly to rendering
my movie it works fine. I have windows 10 on both machines. Not really a problem, since I can just close and open the program
and then it works fine.

What version of Anim8or are you using? The initial v1.00 dated May 29, 2107 has a problem that causes hangs like this. If you have that version, try the one v1.00b dated August 27, 2017 which has a fix that should work for you.

Oh, thank you very much Steve!
By the way, I was on this forum 12 years ago and
Anim8or was great back then too, and Im filled with nostalgia and joy to be using it again.  :)


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