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Copy past issue. World-object coordinates issue

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Steve made selection conversion an option in the release. Go to File | Configure UI and enable Extend PFE Selection.

Wow, nemyax, thanks! It works! I saw that option back then, but couldn't understand what it was for, since I guess didn't give attention on the new p/e/f selection announce. And actually there's a reason I didn't understand this option in File Menu, since when I checked it, it didn't stay checked after I hit Ok. Though there was a result, but I couldn't see it. But still, it doesn't stay checked when I open the UI Configuration , the box is unchecked, so if I want to disable the extended PFE Selection I have to check the empty box again, then ucheck it and only then press OK to close the dialog window. I don't know if it's a tiny bug or it's my computer's glitch.

Just figured out, that not only every time I open the Configure UI dialog the box on Extend PFE selection is uncheked, but in some manner the Solid View Smooth Points option seems to get randomly enabled-dissabled, while the PFE selection in the work space get dissabled too. ???

To be honest, it took me a while to work that one out too.


There was a bit of a discussion on how this should work - some people liked it the to grow the selection and others not. So I made it an option

--- Quote ---But it seems to ignore the move command in Object Coordinates and  still has the behavior like in the World Coordinates.
--- End quote ---
You're correct, the move command uses World coordinates when Object coordinates are selected. I checked earlier releases, including v1.0, and they do the same thing. I'll fix it.

#100-013 - Object/Move command uses World coordinates when Object coordinates are selected.


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