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Trying to figure out what the hotkey is to seperate meshes.

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I remember by complete accident I pressed some key while editing a mesh. The mesh had a few parts of geometry which were not binded together, and I did plan to separate it into different meshes. But I was planning on doing it by selecting all the faces of each unit and detaching the face to create a new mesh.

But I swear that a few years ago when that happened I had accidentally hit a key and it broke apart the mesh into smaller components based on geometry that was actually connected to each other.

Does anyone know what I am talking about and if so what the hot key to do this is?

I think the command you're looking for is Edit->DetatchFaces, hot key D. It creat4es a new mesh with all of the selected faces in it and removes those faces from the original object. There is always one new mesh, even if there are disconnected groups of faces selected.

 :) Steve, she is talking about the "l" short- cut in Point Editor Object Mode. The "l" short- cut in Point Editor originaly stands for the "edge loop cut" through the Edit menu and while having an edge loop selected. But, in Point Editor always, if you hit the "l" short-cut ( actualy never tryed it from the edit menu, but should work the same, don't think it's bent only to the short-cut.  :o ) while nothing ( edge loops ) being selected , if your object consistes of several meshes (joined) they become unjoined. It actualy work as an unjoin solids command, which is the opposite of the join solids in Object Editor in Build menu.Actually, since the unjoin solids command doesn't exist in Buid menu but it exists in general and actualy realy works, maybe you could add it to the Build menu some how? I remember that "hidden trick" was well known like for a long time ago and if I'm not mistaken the pioneers of the forum ( some of many ) told about it. Kubazz mentioned it in a post here, I remember years ago reading about it. I remember him saying " it is not written about it anywhere, neither manual, nor forum". I guess Steve told them the secret :)

Ahh! Thanks Gyperboloid! That's exactly what I was looking for!!!

It's going to be really useful because- sometimes I want to export to maya so that I can alter many similar models at the same time using the Maya's Wrap deformer. Now I can export the whole thing back into Anim8or open it up and Loop Cut it back into components! No more needing to export the 8 models and import them one at a time, yay!

Wow, I didn't know that it did that! I'll add a Build->SplitSolids command to the object editor menu.

Note: the l hot key won't work in the object editor because it's used for the Line command.


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