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Can you scale when creating Morph targets?


I've made a character face that I created morph targets for but when I scaled them smaller, one target distorted and the other ended upside down with a back view. When I rotated it, it had also distorted. I think I've got a nasty detailed character but I can see the mesh has way to many points. Could that be the problem....also eats RAM!! Where do I check the amount of faces and points an object has....what seems to be a reasonable amount of faces/points for a mesh for less RAM usage? My PC has 2Gb ram. I would really appreciate any help, suggestions or replies. ???
Hope u all have a good one!

 The basic answer is 'yes', you can scale when making a morph target.
  Care does need to be taken, and the more complicated the mesh is, the more complicated it is to see whats going on.
 Rotating a morph target is also possible, but pretty much the same rules apply. Moreso actually, because you have things like the position of the axis, etc.
  The 'least points possible' to create the result you're happy with, is probably a good way to go.

  As far as maximum, or comfortable, amounts of points vs ram usage etc..., i'll leave that for someone else to answer. Am unsure.........

From my experience, Morphing usually is scaling....just on a smaller level.

I used morph recently for my Dalek tracks in the sand & that involved changing the size of the 'track'.
It grew as the Dalek moved on the sand. Also nice benefit was the morph didn't exactly keep up with the Dalek
sliding along. It created the effect of sand piling up in front of the Dalek base, then changing shape as the morph crept up to the destination.

...least I was stoked by it. ::)


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