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Is there a feature to draw points(vertexs) and extrude the faces?

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Greetings to all,

I am fairly new to Anim8or. So I don't really know all of its features. I'm looking to draw out my objects like in sketchup, fusion 360 and inventor and then extrude faces. I'm so use to designing characters in anime studio pro(mojo studio) that I think it's easier for me to start with a 2d sketch of my objects and extrude them rather than using primitive shapes.

Is there any one willing to point out how this is possible within Anim8or?

Thank you in advance

It's possible. Use the topo knife tool (shortcut key: k) and hold down Ctrl to drop points. But in Anim8or you'll be better off using other methods.
See if this video helps:

Thank you so much. I saw this video about 4 days ago. It seems as if the user started from a cube.

I'm surprised no one mentioned the spline tool.

There are 2 spline tools, one that produces piecewise polynomials, or straight lines, the other that interpolates a smooth line.

The only difference to the image above is that in an8, if you use the same points the smooth line will encompass those points, not underdrawn like the image.

Using the spline tool, you draw whatever shape you want then click, fill solid, then you can extrude faces.




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