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Made video about the way I design characters that I make in Anim8or.

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Well I'm glad you found my editing funny. My humor when editing mostly revolves around pointing at things that are either obvious, absurd, or absurdly obvious. Though I don't do it just for fun- I tend to try using it as a redundant alternate way to describe the point I am voicing, just in case the vocal version doesn't resonate.

So she emailed me an elaborated version of her critique which I put in the video's description. She said she would respond to the video over the weekend.

I am excited at how even though I have been on a youtube hiatus for a long time, my subscribers were eager to weigh-in on the discourse.

Though I would like to point out that there are a number of comments that are a lot less lenient than my presentation of the points in the video. The subtext in them, I tend to read as: I'm giving her too much of the benefit of the doubt.

I have been trying to piece together all of it. And let me know if this sounds too concpiracy theory or if the logic is sound.

Premise 1: Radical Feminist are of the opinion that oversexualization and the male gaze are sexist.
Premise 2: FSS fans are disturbed at the noticeably feminist claims that my Prof and TA said.
Premice 3: Prof and TA said my designs were oversexualization and claimed that they were influenced by the male gaze.

Conclusion: FSS fans are disturbed because the claims made by Prof and TA are tantamount to calling FSS designs sexist.

I honestly can see how calling something "oversexualized" is essentially a euphemism for calling it sexist. Though that's mostly because the only feminists I know of who describe things they don't approve as as oversexualized tend to do so to imply that it is sexist.

A summery of her expanded critique are things like Why the: miniskirts, short-shorts, croptops, hour-glass-shaped bods, big eyes, exaggerated eyelashes, youthful, the make up (My characters are wearing make-up????? That's news to me!).

But the thing is I don't think she's actually listing off sexualized traits, she's just listing off the traits that define my characters as having femininity.

Sooo femininity is over-sexual?


--- Quote from: fromsoysauce on September 09, 2017, 07:03:35 am ---...
Sooo femininity is over-sexual?
--- End quote ---
it is to some people, unfortunately :(

I dont get why she said they are over-sexualized . My guess too is that femininity just appears that way to some people.

I will definitely check your link out.
Although a long time user of Anim8or, I still lack skills in certain areas. ::)

I admire your work on youtube and been subscribed.

"Over-sexualized" is a value judgement. I'm sure it's not part of the curriculum. It's just an opinion.

Anyway, maybe it's sort of like a Rorschach ink blot test-- the individual's interpretation tells you something about the individual.


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