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graph editor and timetrack

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 While the team are looking into the above, there's something else which is worth mentioning.
 When the graph editor opens, 'ALL' is activated by default. This can actually take some time to load when theres a lot of bones/morphtargets.
 As there doesn't really seem to be any need(?) for this to happen, then perhaps it would be better to open with the 'ALL' button un-selected. ? (or is there a reason for it to be like it is?)

 PS> I've got a new laptop, which doesn't yet have my 'emotigfs' loaded onto it...... might just download them now ......


johnar: Give Build 1301 a try. It lets you reposition the horizontal divider bar in the Graph Editor. It also saved the All setting in the registry so that it starts with the same setting that you were using in the previous session.



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