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V1.0b point editor: vertical scaling doesn't always work

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Unfortunately, to the naive user, they aren't "single isolated groups." They're all selected, just in different locations in the mesh. It worked in v0.98. It'd be really nice if it could be an option in v1.0, even if the scaling were relative to Anim8or's origin instead of the center-of-gravity of the point cloud.

Ah, wait a second, the top of that post is
IF Fast Select enabled
classic an8 behavior

So, since fast select was disabled, that means this is a bug?

Fast select has no bearing on the result from testing just now.

Now, I remember saying at the time that I loved it, but not that long ago I found a use for the "classic" method, with no way to do it.
However, using fast select as a rule changer is not the best method. I think it would be good to have another button up there with a few verticies and an axis as its icon.
90% of the time Id probably have it enabled, but, sometimes its necessary to use pivot point for 2 or more groups if verticies. one example could be a star or cog wheel.

many thanks,

Trevor: that was just the initial design. There was a lot of discussing afterwards.

selden: I just looked through the code and surprise!! there is already a solution for your particular problem. All isolated points are put into a group of their own and will scale from that center. So if you click on the "Points" button all the edges will be deselected, with just the points remaining selected. Now if you Scale-NonUniform with just the Y axis enabled the will move as you wanted. Note: Extend PFE selections in the File->ConfigureGUI dialog needs to be selected.

This also works for making a star or cog-wheel.



That'll help a lot.


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