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Old Hallway candle lighting ideas?

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I put together a 500 x 281, (16/9) 100 frames of my project. To try and get the flickering effect, I changed the light colours in the flames randomly but think maybe changing the colours in the locals above each flame might give a better effect as they're animated to give the moving shadows that candles create. This was a test, so I put my little bat and my main character in but he's not fully animate in the rendering. I just wanted to check that the shadows look okay and spread in the right directions.

I'd really appreciate your feedback on improvements! :)...Too light, too dark, wrong colours....?


Excellent work, this looks great!  To be honest I think the light variance looks pretty correct, based on the action of flames themselves, and the candle flames and wicks are really excellent with a very realistic appearance.  The main things I'd be looking at relate to scale, the candles and flames are very large relative to the bat and the (seriously creepy!) approaching figure.  Great job on animating the figure's robe by the way, very nice indeed!

Also, while it would negatively affect rendering speed, softening the shadows cast by the lights would help to get rid of those hard-edged, dark circular shadows on the floor under each candle.  They can also be reduced by ensuring the max range of each light overlaps each other, so the shadows are partially cancelled by illumination from each adjacent light.

Finally, higher resolution textures for the walls and floor/ceiling would improve overall 'realism', and adding a bump map would also make the walls look less flat.  Just dropping the same texture into the bump channel and setting the value to, say, 60 would work quite well without needing to develop a separate map.  If there's already a bump map in place perhaps increase the bump value, turn up the specular value and reduce roughness which should improve how the lights interact with the map.

Well done on this, very impressive!

That's awesome.
 The candle flames look great, a nice scene, and hats off for the cloak movement, and 'love the bat'.!
  Good stuff Nellucnaiv

Nice work! It's always interesting to "take a look behind the scenes" , so the set up and such would be interesting to look at. For that reason I think that should be posted in WIP forum at first place  ???

Gee, thanks guys,
I started by knowing very little and then got hooked!
Thanks John, hope you like the animation you did for my voices. I think it's awesome and the compliments are rolling in about your job on my FB Page! You must let me know when you want voices! :)
ENSONIQ, thanks for the lights IN the flames idea. I wouldn't have flames without them.
Your latest advice is spot on, I'm going to set higher resolution images for materials. I have used the same for bumpmap at 100 and more contrast but higher res may just 'bump' it out more. Will also check out softening the shadows etcetera.

Thanks a lot to all of you for the support and encouragement! What is the WIP Forum?


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