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Old Hallway candle lighting ideas?

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Thanks so much Kreator, I understand. I notice that local angles can't be changed. I've tried as recommended but still no visible light.
Thanks for your time

Thank you for the detailed help ENSONIQ5.
I tried fixing and flipping normals. I still have no light visible. However, 4 small illuminated circles appear in the lights locations in the ceiling now when rendering.
I am using Art Ray Trace as Scanline is extremely slow, about 5 minutes to render 1 image of 400 x 300 when I tested compared to about 4 seconds for the same using Art, unless I'm doing something wrong?

As far as the textures go, I built the hallway in units using seamless rock and floor tile jpegs and rotated them to face the correct way using UV function. I used the same images in higher contrast for Bumpmaps on both, set at 100%. Other than that, I used the standard materials settings except for the roughness which I have at 3.0 as I don't want the material to appear too smooth and shine.

I so appreciate your advice, any idea what the problem could be?
Best regards,

Anim8or does not Project Light in the physical sense, You have to fake it with an Emssive texture.  Ie if you had two Spot Lights in the headlights of a car It would not project the light, You would need to add a couple of Cones To fake the light.

I did an article about lightcones in an issue of Dotan8 The last one in 2010 you should be able to get it via my dropbox


Along with all the other issues may be of use to you!

Best guess is something weird with the material, ie. not enough difference between Ambient and Diffuse, too low Specular or global Ambient level too high.  Maybe upload the an8 file so we can take a look.

The only problem with all the effect hacks is that they are nearly all incompatible with ART.

As stated above, ART casts 100% shadows of any mesh regardless of transparency.

My advice would be before doing any hack, get the scene rendering properly.

ART takes the longest of all the renderers, the fastest is OpenGL which is the same as the workspace. Scanline is second fastest.

ART works best with AA on and the more samples the longer it takes.


Thank you so much to all of you for so freely sharing your advice and knowledge. The support is valued!

ENSONIQ was right about the 'normals'. I detached the floor and roof, flipped normals and reattached/ joined solid. Turns out my specular value of 0.6 for both needed to be tweaked to 1.2. I now have light!! Just need to fiddle with local inner and outer amount s. 250 and 400 comes close but will tweak it later when I have some time. Still want to try filters in front of the camera for the candle flames.

Thanks everyone, great to have support like this!


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