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Scene Mode: Copy/Paste, Scaling, and Object adjustments

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Anim8or is beginning to annoy me at the moment, especially when I am trying to create a scene, as the Copy/Paste is not enabled (never has been  and I do not know if was intentional), but I am forced to load individual objects with the build object command

Now this is fine for static objects that I do not intend to animate as I can group most of these elements in Object mode  and then import them all at once. However, if I am using a number of objects that need to be animated I am forced to load these seperately and here is where the problem begins.

I have to rescale them to fit with the uniform scale tool which is haphazard as there is no function to precisely tweak the scaled dimensions. So some objects are not uniform scaled, some look to big or slightly smaller than others.

I asking that the Object/paste command in scene mode is implemented asap, as well as a precise way to amend the scaling in scene mode, also the ability to tweak locations of objects ( there is the abilty to do this in object mode with the cursor keys but in scene mode there is no fine tuning as the cursor keys control the frame movement. Why are the Function keys not used  F1 thru F12 perhaps these could be utilised?

yep, this change is desperately needed.  where's that 'vote up' button when you need it?

Made an account to make a potential similar post. Saw that you already did it. +1 for this

The ability to copy/paste or duplicate elements would be amazing.  For scenes with multiple lights that need to be identical, eg. a row of streetlights, manually setting each light's many parameters (colour, range, angle, soft shadow width etc.) in turn can be tedious and it's easy to mess up.

Just as I'm typing this, how possible would it be for 'child' elements to be spawned from a parent element with each child drawing all parameters other than location and orientation from the parent/master?  So changes to a master light's colour or max range are reflected in each child light.  Just a thought (and probably should be in the development thread).

Here's a first pass at implementing Copy/Paste for elements in scenes: Build v1.01.1311. It uses Edit->CopyElements Ctrl+Shift+C and Edit->PasteElements Ctrl+Shift+V menu commands.

It does not copy hierarchical relationships or keys, but just the basic elements. When pasting the global location, orientation and scale are preserved. Name conflicts are resolved by creating new names for the pasted elements. I hope this helps


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