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Hey guys... Just joined in on this community and I've been seeing lots of pretty impressive stuffs that has been done with anima8or...  I'm working on this residential street and I want to share my wip for comments, cristism, and improvements! Cheers guys ✌
(AT9 Cinematics)

Wellcome on the forum !  :)
Nice street ! Is that an image of a real view or imaginary? Maybe you could slightly twick the houses so they wont look exactly the same. Or maybe that was the goal? The grass a little bit on the right bottom corner and maybe in general, mess with it. Nice cars in the depth.
Try to go slow, but with more detail and accuracy. Will be interesting to see how it will turn out

First thing that strikes me is the road lane markings, the proportions do not fit well, if the road is a texture I would scale it right down with the uv tool.

Thanks for the welcome and comment! Well actually i just rendered a perspective POV of the street and it was kind of imaginary I couldn't really get a precise reference image of what I needed soo I just improvised. And as for the houses looking the same initially the plan was to make several type of house model cause this type was actually the second model house type modelled  but then again I liked it more and the textures so I got lazy (lol) and just duplicated them since few real life street view I've seen have similar type of building structure and arrangements... Yeahh... Noticed to and will do just that and a little more twicks still a WIP though

The road itself was uv textured with black asphalt image(no markings) but the markings were done with a simple rectangular plane and using fill hols and I lined them up.. Well they may also need some sticking to like size reduction and distance between eachother I presume right?


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