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How to set default font?

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Is there any way to set the default font used for text in the Object Editor?
Is there any way to set defaults for the other fields in the Text popup menu?

I want to have about a dozen 3D text strings around an object. Unfortunately, whenever I select the Text tool it defaults to Ariel. The font I'd prefer is quite a ways down in the list of fonts shown by the Text popup, Scrolling through that list for each string can be rather awkward and time consuming.

I couldn't find any mention of setting default values for any of the fields of the Text popup in the online documentation for the Object Editor.

It'd be really nice if the values one types into the Text popup menu (other than the position) were remembered for use for the next time.

No, there currently isn't anyway to do this. It's a good idea, though. I'll see what I can do.

You probably already thought about it but
how about editing the file directly.




Do you mean the .an8 model file? Actually I hadn't. Thanks for the suggestion!

Yes.That's what I meant. Don't forget to backup your file first.


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