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Experimential Track Ball for Arc Rotate

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I just uploaded Build v1.01.1306 to get some feedback on using a Track Ball for the Arc Rotate widget. It allows finer control of rotation in various axes, and in either Screen coordinates or World/Object coordinated depending on that setting.

I'm attempting to make Arc Rotate work better with touch screens. Needing 3 mouse buttons doesn't work so well on them.

My opinion so far: rotation is easier but panning and zooming is a bit harder. I'm experimenting with other ways to do these, maybe using the right mouse button to pan, but that would defeat the original purpose.

You can revert to the original Arc Rotate by checking Options->Debug->Use Original Arc Rotate

Let me know what you think.

This probably doesn't count as a touch screen in the more common sense, but I use a Cintiq. The rotation seems...disorienting to me. If I change the Y rotation then switch to an X rotation its as if I'm tilting my head slowly to the side, which I would never want.

And while a right click wouldn't really work when using fingers, it would be good for me as I always have two buttons on the stylus, with one assigned to a right click.

 Don't know about touch screens, but it certainly works well with a mouse ........ Nice one steve

 Necessity to aim at specific places and transform only along the axes feels annoying for me now.
 Dropping of transforms when cursor goes off buffer to UI (up/down in most) too.
 The choice of the right viewpoint has become more clear with world space .. em.. gizmo - is good.

It's a neat addition to the original!


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