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Diffuse Inter-Reflection Test

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I was in the process of making a lighting tutorial for PerfectGold when I wanted some comparison shots from An8.
Ive mentioned in the past about ART needing Diffuse Inter-Reflection and ToneMapper but I simulated it with Glossyreflector.

My material settings are crazy
Ambient 0
Diffuse 20 + texture
Specular 0.95 + Texture
Roughness 0

Setting specular to 1 means diffuse doesn't work

Scene Lighting set to 1 for exterior, 4 for interior

Im quite sure these would be much better (not to mention easier to set up) if an8 suported it as a checkbox
Also note that Ambient Occlude is NOT on, AmbOcc is a simplified DIR.

The results

Hm, very interesting !  Not to mention there's not much of such stuff on forum at all. ( lighting in Anim8or in future plans, beside modeling, texturing, rigging/anim8ing)
Sorry for being ignorant, but what's PerfectGold ( didn't find anything ) and what's DIR.

PS.: O.M.G., DIR - Diffuse Inter-Reflection obviously ??? Nothing about PerfectGold though

Nice work, thank you for sharing this.

Trevor: this is a nice collection of images, especially since Anim8or doesn't use Photon Mapping which is much more efficient at rendering diffuse inter-reflections like in your examples.

Thank You very much for sharing!!! the result is really inspiring. I have not come up to such quality of rendering yet. I'm gonna give it a try! :)


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