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Delete multiple keys in scene mode?


Hey I'm a very much beginner at anim8or, used it 10 years ago, but not in depth.

Im sitting here manually deleting keys in scene mode one at a time, because I made some mistakes in my animation.

Is there a faster way to delete multiple keys?

Thanks in advance

Sorry I posted this in wrong section.

Also I am looking for good video tutorials for anim8or. Much of what I find on youtube seems a bit dated.
I wish someone would make an intensive in-depth tutorial on all the features of Anim8or and put it on youtube

To delete multiple keys:

1. Select all the joints that you want to edit in the track window. Remember that right clicking adds another joint to the selection without deselecting the current ones, and middle-click deselects a single joint.

2. Click-drag on the time line. This will select a range of frames.

3. Copy (Ctrl-C) or Cut (Ctrl-X) will then copy or cut the selected keys. They are stored on the clipboard so you can paste them into a different frame, etc. if you want.

Thanks Steve!!

I just found the Anim8or Tutor Course, missed it before... I am definitely checking that out


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