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My Morphs are not showing up within Sequence

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I am new to Anim8or, been working with it for about a week now. I have a decent grasp on the terms and tools but can't seem to find a remedy for this problem.
The Youtube videos I've watched show morphs being made, then in Sequence being able to activate the titled morphs over frames.
Videos I've watched said if the morph doesn't show up, highlight the morph in object and it will show up in sequence.

Either I do not know how to properly highlight or my morphs are not being completed to show up in Sequence.

I can click my morph in object and it applies it but as soon as I leave object editor and comeback the morph is no longer being applied. I still have it under my morphs list but that is the only place I can find it.

Any advice you can give will be much appreciated, thank you

Morphs show up in Scene Mode in the timeline, not in sequence or figure mode.To activate  the morph or morphs you select the object with the morphs attached then use key 1 to activate or 0 to deactivate in the actual timeline. see my demo .an8

Incredibly helpful thank you!

I was thinking about this too. Is it not possible to make morphs within a sequence? It would be helpful for making facial expressions for a character.

Hi there, as Kreator said, you can make all your morphs in object mode on the face you want to give facial expression. The morphs won't show up in figure or sequence mode but you do need to attach the head in figure mode, create the sequence you want and finally, in scene mode, build and add figure and sequence. Your list of morphs will show under the figure's name and can be applied to give expression to the face anywhere in the sequence (in scene mode) using key values of 0-1.
Hope that helps :)


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