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Focus control on the camera


Hello everyone! I don't know whether I should put this topic here or in the general anim8or forum. After a long time using anim8or, I finally came up to wonder if it is possible to have a focus control in the camera by using either ASL or other tools. In that case, users can highlight a specific object by blurring the others. I don't know whether it is really about a control on the camera or on the renderer. I also don't know if a similar topic has already been discussed here and that i missed it. I am a very absolute beginner in ASL and would appreciate any feed-back.

unfortunately anim8or doesn't support focal depth at the moment.

you can simulate it by doing multiple render passes for different elements and then applying artificial focal blur when you recombine the renders in GIMP or Photoshop or similar (i think there's a tutorial floating around somewhere), but it's a fiddly process, especially if you're trying to do video.

Yeah, I've done it on occasion using photoshop and the zdepth render...

But it would be nice if someone could streamline the process.

Thank you very much Thecolclough and Kyle, you gave me important pieces of advice. :)
I'm going to give these photoshop and gimp tricks a try!


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