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ASL File import?


Any chance of this happening any time soon? I use Anim8or when I need to 3D print stuff, but I use other cad and vector programs for when I have exacting design requirements. I've been wanting to write svg, eps, fbx, and dae importers for the object editor for a while now, without having to create a 3rd party program.

Do you mean reading input files? If so, text or binary? I have a scanner format that reads tokens from text files (similar to parsing a compiler's input).

For now text, but binary in/out would be great later on as well. The formats I listed have text-based versions.


--- Quote from: Raxx on December 11, 2017, 09:10:09 pm ---I've been wanting to write svg ... importers for the object editor for a while now
--- End quote ---
that sounds useful - do keep us posted if it ever comes to fruition!

Just a note to say that text input is available in build build 1321. See this topic for details.


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