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Ooooh I just found out about the anim8or v1.0 release! 

Yes, I've been hiding under a rock... Well, I decided am going to introduce my granddaughter to anim8or and as a part of that... making her current "obsession" character...

Freddy Fazbear!

Pizza, anyone!?!?!

Hi, Arik_the_Red. Good to hear from you. There's lots of new things in Anim8or, hope you find them useful. And nice teddy bear.

Thanks, Steve!  Having problems creating edges, so I had to revert to v0.98 for the moment.  Not sure but what is up with that - a bug report I'll get to the v1.00 forum area. 

The pic in my first message is not my work, but rather from the "Five Nights at Freddy's" images online, and my goal to re-create.

Meanwhile,  first development shots... Basic mesh 4 panel shot, and "smoothed" render test.

...and, for those not familiar, Freddy here is a rather freaky character in a very popular game called "Five Nights at Freddy's"... an animatronic character in an abandoned pizza parlor in the spirit of Chuck E. Cheese.

Good ol' FNAF... giving me give or take 5 years of frights and plenty of humorous-yet-spooky story action.

Looking forward to following your process AtR!

Updates.... piecing head together as I mesh it up... Had to rebuild it because I try to keep two versions - a rough one for working, a smoothed one for visualizing final creation... and I accidentally saved the smoothed test over the base rough build file...

     Rendered figure     






     With Bones visible (eyes closed)


     With Bones visible (eyes closed)



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