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Redesining my first protagonist

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Older fans of mine might remember a game I made back in high school, and a fully animated CG opening that was inspired my Monty Oum's stuff and fully animated and rendered in Anim8or, if you have never seen the short it can be found here:

Well- I'm doing my Sr. Capstone for college this year, and I decided what better way to end college then with by revisiting the project that got me into college in the first place!

I don't have anything special at the moment, but I do have some screen shots of a fully Rigged modern design for our super hero protagonist: Raincloud.

Also she comes in chibi too:



I'm learning how to write shaders for Unity, here is a wip!

Not bad

Wouldn't be surprised if you got a job in the industry with all these renders under your belt ;P


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