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Invisible layers are always exported ...

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One thing I have noticed recently (prior to this latest 1318 build) is that when exporting a model with hidden layers (into CMOD format) it seems that the hidden layers always get exported regardless of their visibility. This, to me seems counter-intuative, and caused a few duplicate mesh issues in exports, until I realized what was going on.

IMO, what is exported should be only what's visible at the time (otherwise unexpected extras can end up in the export).
It would be good to be able to easily export an assembled model as a series of sub-models (if so desired) by just enabling the desired layers, and disabling all other layers, then exporting the partial model.

This has a lot to do with my workflow, so YMMV. The opposing argument would be that users would have to make sure that all inhabited layers are visible if and when they wanted to export the complete assembly, rather than in parts.

I hope this makes sense ... what do you think of this idea?

It looks like I broke this in my latest changes to groups. I'll fix it.


--- Quote from: Steve on February 04, 2018, 09:28:22 am ---It looks like I broke this in my latest changes to groups. I'll fix it.

--- End quote ---
Thanks Steve,

... although FYI I think this has been happening for a while, maybe as far back as build 1269 or earlier, so you might have to look back a ways to find the fault.

Just to say, although Steve claim to fix it, I don't think layers should affect export. It supposed that the layers affect the "working space process " only and that was ( maybe not ? ) the original purpose of implementing them . Different layers should contain different parts of a  single object, so the whole object should be exported as is.

Yes, I suspect you're right. It's probably always been the case as you say (I've confirmed it as far back as build 1269, so it seems this would be a new feature.
I'm not sure how hard this would be for Steve to implement, but what do other's think of the idea to be able to export only visible layers?


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