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Anim8or v1.01.1318 doesn't draw copied reference image


Problem: Reference image is missing its texture


If an object contains a reference image, copying everything to a new object does not display the reference image's texture. A blank (black) reference image is drawn instead. See the attached screengrab.

Workaround: Exit and restart Anim8or. The copied reference image is then drawn with its texture in the new object. (This can take a painfully long time if one is working on a large model.)

This problem is seen when using Anim8or v1.01.1318 and previous versions.

Simplified instructions to duplicate:

Open an empty .an8 file
Import a reference image (object editor -> Build -> Reference Image ...)

Copy all to clipboard ( Ctrl-A Ctrl-C )
Create a new object (object editor -> Object -> New)

Paste into the new object ( Ctrl-V )

The new reference image is drawn black.

See the attached Zip file, which contains a model with a reference image. Since it has been saved, when you load it and select object02, the reference image will be drawn.


p.s. Similarly, sometimes when I copy a mesh from one object to another, it isn't drawn, either. Maybe it's a related problem?

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to duplicate this mesh viewing problem predictably. As with the reference image, though, if I exit Anim8or and restart it to edit the resulting .an8 file, the copied mesh is present and visible in the second object.


I just do a refresh and it pops up again

What do you mean by "refresh"? I don't see any "refresh" button. Am I overlooking it? "F5" (used by browsers) does nothing.

I've tried switching back and forth between objects, drawing modes and views. None of them help, nor does minimizing and re-expanding the Anim8or window.

Oops! I'll fix this. Thanks for the bug report.



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