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Copying a material?


Is there any way to copy or replicate a material in the object editor for the same object?

I thought I'd seen a way to do that somewhere, but my searches of the documentation haven't located it.

I'm trying to match all of a material's characteristics except for the surface texture images being applied. Manually copying the various values from one material to another can be tedious, time consuming and error prone, especially since you can't have two materials open at the same time. Running two copies of Anim8or with the same project open can make that a little easier, but then there's the danger of accidentally modifying the wrong one.

There are menu commands Edit->CopyMaterial, and PasteMaterial that copy the selected material and paste it into another object, or in the File material bar.


Sometimes I don't see things that are right in front of me. It'd be nice if they were mentioned in the manual, though.


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