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Dr. Dingynot and the Little Sons of B***hes

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Hey everyone.

For a year I have been working on this sci-fi animated short. It is mostly made with Flash,
but backgrounds and some of the animation is made and rendered in Anim8or (and then drawn on top of in
It was fun to use Anim8or in my animation and a fairly easy way to make backgrounds for a 2D film.
WARNING: contains profanity


See my other work at:

Interesting work, Jens! I see you used that one creepy face drawing software for the zombie faces. I literally have steered so clear of YouTube videos featuring that software (mostly people making faces and stuff using it) because my stomach can't handle it xDD

You definitely have good pacing in the script, I feel. Plus a coherent story - something a lot of us, or at least me myself, can't attest to. The animation quality itself isn't half-bad - definitely better than what I could pull off.

Carry on!

[Probably worth mentioning in your OP for people surfing of a profanity warning. Of course :D ]

Thank you davdud. :-)

Yes I used pix2pix to create the zombie heads.
Animation is labourious whatever style you make,
and maybe I took the shortest route with the animations in some places
In this one. I have not learned how to use bones in flash.

It's great :) - must have taken a lot of work

Thanks Alec, yes for sure it takes a lot of work, but its a fun process :)


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