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Drawing Lines


I was wondering,
Is it possible to draw lines using ASL?
If so,
After drawing say, 5 and they are connected can you fill in the surface?

I belive you would have to set the points, then create the faces.

if you want just a line, you can create the points then create edges, but if you want faces, just points and faces should work fine.

Ok that works...
Now, if I wanted to select points and then click a button.
How do I find out which points are selected?

Here's an example not including the variable declaration and initialization:

--- Code: ---             /* Lets search for the selected point */
              for $ii = 0 to $numPoints - 1 do
                 if ($mdata.GetPointSelected($ii) == 1  )
                   /* Do whatever you want if the point is selected */

--- End code ---

Thanks, That is exactly what I needed.


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