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Well, after many delays and breaks and too much drinking and still not knowing what I am doing and 45 years of rendering, I finally finished a first version of something.

Great job there.  I remember you working on this a while back, and it looks like it turned out pretty good!  The movements look pretty good though there's some stiffness in the animation and some points where the character slides or goes through the floor, but mainly it seems pretty good!  My main crit would be that there's no ground outside!  it's the first big flaw I noticed.  You did a great job of putting the devil up in the window, good job on that!

Great... I agree with hiho that the ground outside is really missing... Anyway the models are great! I also like the animation, I love how the spider drops from the ceiling :)

Great job.  I like the moody lighting and dynamic camera motion, it really sets the mood.  The tree models are excellent.  I especially like the animation of the telescope, and the way the tools swing in the shed.  My only crit would be that there seems to be a lack of shadows in the room, especially around the shelves, which makes it look a little toy-like.

Color me impressed :).  I really love what you did with the lighting, though I felt the animation was a little stiff.  Video works very well with the song, mood, and overall look of the film meshing - however I'd strongly suggest that you attach appropriate precautions for language, etc. since there are a variety of age groups that peruse this website.  Other than that, great work - hope to see more :).


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