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This is a WIP model of a 200+ foot megayacht I saw once in Greece.  I dubbed her "Strega Del Mare" the prototype is the "Battrered Bull" built by Royal VanLent Feadship in Holland.  The textures are just quick and dirty to make it easier to see.  I plan on finishing the complete interior in the future.  I actually have a more detailed version on my other PC, but wanted to throw this one out there while I had a chance.

Here's a shot across the stern...

A very beautiful boat.
With a boat like this you don't need a house :D

Cool boat and good modelling. :)
Could you show us the more detailed version?

Spicy, I'll try to get the other version out some time this week. I was originally only going to do low poly models of the tenders, but while I was modelling the drives for the Cigarette, I got carried away, so I decided to do full models of those as well.  For the most part the model will be true to the original. The only liberties I've taken so far are with the propulsion and steering systems as I've been unable to find any shots of the prototype below the waterline.  Also I am swapping the sterndrive units of the Cigarette tender out for a pair of Arneson surface drives.

The radar, and radio gear is fairly recent as she had a different electronics suite when I saw her.  This is definitely an evolving project. The more I work on it, the more I change my original plans.  I haven't decided yet whether to model the interior exactly, or redesign it to fit my tastes, but that's still a ways off...


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