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Title: Figure Ed Problems
Post by: wedgehead on November 13, 2008, 05:02:44 am
I thought I had the figure editor figured out, until I tried using my model in Cre8or. Instead of ending up with a helicopter, I ended up with a helicopter, blades, body, and a figure called helicopter. Cre8or didn't know what to do!
I loaded the blades for the helicopter by importing them and named them blades in the settings menu. Then I imported the body, and named it body. Then I went to the figure editor and built two bones, one off of the root for the body of the helicopter, and a bone branching off of that for the blade assembly. I turned this bone 90 degrees. I then set the parameters for both bones, and then added the object pieces to the bones, and skinned the bones, and named and the whole thing helo. I then went to the sequence editor and made just one sequence and called it full throttle. (I made it so the blades turned about 270 degrees. I then went to the scene editor and added the helicopter and saved the scene without making any adjustments to the model, setting, ett.
When I opened the file with Cre8or I got far more than I saved.
Beyond that I can's remember too many specifics. I mean I tried everything and now I'm just a little burnt. Time to take a break and ask for some advice.
Title: Re: Figure Ed Problems
Post by: hihosilver on November 13, 2008, 07:06:31 am
If when you open the file with Anim8or, the sequence and figure all work as they previously did, then the problem is obviously not with Anim8or.
If this is true, I would go to the Cre8or forums, as I'm sure they know much more about this than we do.

If it's changed when opening with Anim8or though, that would be good to know.  An explanation along with things like pictures of what's going wrong would be great as well, as currently all I know is something's going wrong with your sequence.
Title: Re: Figure Ed Problems
Post by: wedgehead on November 13, 2008, 07:17:25 am
Ok. Thanks. I'll try again tomorrow, and then check here again before posting on Cre8or.
Title: Re: Figure Ed Problems
Post by: 3D Joe Wiltshire on November 13, 2008, 04:57:41 pm
It's cre8or, something like all objects need to be attached to the main bone, and weight painted or something... not even sure whether it allows more than one object.