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Title: Guideline - Read before you start!
Post by: Steve on March 22, 2009, 11:25:37 pm
Welcome to the Anim8or Challenges! Please read on!

How it Works
Every so often a global moderator will create a new Challenge Topic. These topics contain information on what you'll be making, how you'll be making it, and how long you have before the challenge ends. Users who want to participate may then post their progress inside that challenge topic and give C&C to the other participants.

Of course there's a purpose behind all this!

Please follow these simple rules!

Who wins what?
Every once in a while there will be a competitive challenge where a winner is declared. However, most times it will be non-competitive! Aside from improving your skills, getting recognition for those skills, having portfolio filler, having something to do, and possibly having your work submitted to the official gallery if it's good enough, there are no rewards for participating. Just have fun with everyone else!