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Title: tutorial- low poly wireframe render
Post by: lizeal93 on March 31, 2009, 01:15:20 am
here is a small tutorial i've been holding back for a while.

bassicaly the goal of this tutorial it to render a wireframe withought using the conventional way of inseting all the faces and using different materials. this tutorial is for guys who have a 5000 face mesh and don't want a wireframe render to be 25000 faces, and don't want to use the [print screen] button.

so now we begin:

1-exprot your mesh from anim8or as an obj after applying any material you want doesn't matter as long as you don't have any ART settings applied.

2-open up lithunwrapper (free and found at this website .

3-load your model in and select all faces.

4- apply a face UV map and make sure that they aren't overlapping.

5-save the model and save the UV (preferable at 1500x1500 the higher the better)

6- load up anim8or again and improt your obj model.

7-import the new UV texture map in the opacity slot in the material editor.
(make sure specular highlights are turned off)

8-render and there you have it.

9-for variation you can also set an emmissive map with a value of one for soem other effects.