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Title: Importing .MESH files
Post by: Snateraar on June 16, 2009, 08:25:11 pm
I got this script for the game ROBLOX that converts anim8or meshes to .MESH files,but is there any script that can convert it back to Anim8or meshes?
Here's the script.

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  Description: Add this to your Anim8or scripts directory and start Anim8or. The script MUST have the ".a8s" extension and be in the Anim8or Scripts folder. Make sure that "Preload Scripts" is set to ON (this is NECCESSARY). This script has been tested for 0.95 and 0.97 preview.

#plugin("object", "export", "Roblox Mesh", ".mesh");
#file($output, "text");

file $output;
int $result;
object $obj;
shape $shape, $shapes[1], $childShapes[1];
tridata $data;
material $mat;
int $numFaces;
point3 $point, $normal, $color;
point2 $uv;
int $i;
int $j;
int $index, $mIndex;
int $count;
float $gCol;
string $nm;
string $newName;
float4x4 $tMatrix;

$nm = $output.GetRoot();

$obj = project.curObject;
$output.print("version 1.00\n");
$shapes.size = 0;
while($childShapes.size > 0)
while($shapes.size > 0)
    $shape = $shapes.pop();
    $shape = $shape.ConvertToMesh();
$data = $shape.GetTriangleData();
        $numFaces = $data.GetNumTriangles();
$tMatrix = $shape.GetGlobalTransform();
for $i = 0 to $numFaces - 1 do {
for $j = 0 to 2 step 1 do {
$index = $data.GetIndex(($i*3)+$j);
                    $point = $data.GetPoint($index);
                $point = $tMatrix.Project($point);
                    $normal = $data.GetNormal($index);
                    $uv = $data.GetTexCoord($index);
$output.print("[%.6g, %.6g, %.6g]", $point.x, $point.y, $point.z);
$output.print("[%.5f, %.5f, %.5f]", $normal.x, $normal.y, $normal.z);
$output.print("[%.5f, %.5f, 0]", $uv.x, $uv.y);

$result = 1;
Title: Re: Importing .MESH files
Post by: Claude on June 17, 2009, 03:39:19 am
Import scripts are not supported yet.