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Title: Fix for Mtl files on Obj export
Post by: headwax on June 29, 2009, 11:29:54 am

I wondered if anyone has found a fix for mtl files that point in the direction of anim8or meshes materials.

I'v been fiddling for half a day trying to get them to work.

Half the time I get a crash with .97d etc - sometimes if it doesn't crash, then I don't get an mtl file at all. If I use older versions  I've started getting mtl files with nothing in them..


I'm using Vista and Xp, running in xp mode as administrator in Vista.

One work around is to export in 3ds.

But that means separating the Objects into one mesh per object materail. As Objects end up being exported as one mesh instead of lots of seperate meshes....

Also it seems that the 3ds materail paths are local ie doesn't export the full paths. Any work arounds please ?  :)

I've played around with this

but it exports in a format I can't use.

Perhaps someone could write a plug in to export materials for obj with full file names?


thanks again

Title: Re: Fix for Mtl files on Obj export
Post by: lynn22 on June 29, 2009, 12:26:45 pm
I guess part of the problem may be created by the software you import your 3ds objects in.

I am working on a large project, modeling and texturing in Anim8or, exporting in 3ds and importing into Vue.

The textures I use in Anim8or are placed in a directory recognised by Vue so that vue finds them by default. For Anim8or it does not matter where they are located.

Some of my objects have numerous separate meshes which Vue imports as a group which can be Ungrouped to allow changes.

At first, I exported to obj+mtl which worked fine in 97c on XP pro, then I changed export to 3ds because the files are smaller but both exports imported fine into Vue.
Title: Re: Fix for Mtl files on Obj export
Post by: headwax on June 30, 2009, 04:45:11 am
Thanks for the reply Lynn.

I'll check the import options on Carrara but she has a tendency to triangulate the meshes? Can't remmember :)

Maybe I can import 3ds into truspace then export them as obj file and get them into Carrara that way.... hmm

thanks again