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Title: Bug in Anim8or stable and 0.97d preview?
Post by: hiperia3d on August 06, 2009, 01:48:40 pm
There's some problem, maybe a bug, in 0.95 and in 0.97d:

When I open an object double clicking it and the "Mesh Editor" window appears, even if I don't change anything and click OK, or just make a name change, the object moves slightly, usually in the X axis, but sometimes also in the other axis y and z.

THis is a real problem specially when working at a medium size or small scale.

I think that this has to do something with the way the numbers are rounded. Maybe the very small decimals are eliminated once the OK button is clicked, and that produces a movement. For example, for an X value of 0.0058, the value is reseted to 0.005 and the object moves in X.

Hope this helps to fix this bug. Thanks Steve for your hard work.