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Title: animating
Post by: rellik420 on October 06, 2009, 05:39:20 am
im getting into animation and ive seen some flaws on my animations but im not sure if its my modeling or not. im having a hard time with knees and elbows. i do wieght painting because it seems like the most sensible way to do things. im wondering if i should redesign the model or paint points differently to get rid of some of the clipping(like the calf goes into the thigh.) or go with the other option (i 4get what its called) but that almost makes sense to me.


ive seen a few rigs and ive noticed the two extra bones leading up to the crotch area (human models). i semi understand it. i saw floyds or maybe johnars froyd tutorial on a walk sequence and it gave the model a bounce in its step.

would you get a backflip or 360 rotation with these 2 bones and a bit of moveing and rotating in scene mode? (please explain if you can)

would ik get rid of all those steps?

1 more thing.

if and when exporting animations ik and fk. do you export the sequence? or the scene? or both?
with my little knowledge i have of this i dont think it really matters, its all about the bones and keying of bones. and i will probably have to use another program for animation.

i would really like to keep anim8or as my main program in modeling and animation but it doesnt have all the bells and whistles like the more high end programs do (mainly hairparticles softbodys and physics). but i say why bother because anim8or is defenitly on the right track. you can let the grunts do the hard work and you (steve) can be the brains behind it all. and wioth that said i will finish my low poly model and keep playing with the animations. all help will help cause i dont know what the hell im doing.
Title: Re: animating
Post by: johnar on October 07, 2009, 02:56:42 am
 As far as exporting 'animations' goes, you can export the sequence.
 Naturally, the sequence will only work properly with the same rig that it was made for.
 But also, different objects can be deleted and added from that rig, so you could have a different 'character' using the same sequences.
 I think its a good idea to export your sequences, and build up a sequence 'library'.
  Just keep them in seperate folders for different rigs, so that you know what goes with what.  ;)
Title: Re: animating
Post by: rellik420 on October 07, 2009, 05:34:09 am
so u have to re rig the other models?

does it save the wieght paints 2? if not i think all u really have 2 do is repaint the wieghts instaeds of re rigging it