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Title: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: floyd86 on November 03, 2009, 04:05:17 pm

About two months ago started taking 3d animation and visual effects classes at the HKU (Art Academy Utrecht). In this 4 year course i will be trained to become a professional 3d animator. If I have never found anim8or I might have never found this great passion of mine: Thanks steve!
The work I'm making at the HKU I would like to share with the anim8or community in this topic. I will try to upload a much as possible (as long there are people interested...).

The intake
Ofcourse they won't let everyone in this 3d animation class. I first had to do some tests and show my earlier work.
We had to create a character and make it. My character was named dolf and was made out of clay:
( (

Also we had to design and make, using only primitives, the word 'vorm' which means 'shape' in dutch:
( (

And some more assignments....

Well they liked my work, so they let my in!

Design classes
For my design classes we where completely free to make whatever we wanted to. I made a short commercial-like animation in 3ds max about recycling:


Clay modelling classes
We had to design and make a character with clay. I made a stork carrying a little baby on his back. The final clay model was about 50 cm width, 40cm heigh and weighed over 20 kilos.

( (

Animation classes
Together with all my other classmates (17 in total) we had to pick a song and divide it in pieces of equal length. Everyone then got a piece of 12 secondz, which they had to use to make an animation about food.
When everyone was done, the pieces when edited together to form the total song again:

(my piece is from 0:58-1:10)

Photoshop classes
For Photoshop we had to find a picture of an object and use this picture to make 20 compositions. I picked a picture of a AK-47:

( (

( (

( (

Maya classes
As 3d package we are learning Maya, a very advanced 3d animation software. For our first assignment, to learn modeling, texturing and rendering in maya, we had to make a room.
I made a kind of hotel suite:

( (

( (

( (

There is so much more to upload, but I only wanted to show the final results and not bother you all with every drawing.
When the second period, which I just started, is over will make a new topic.


Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: $imon on November 03, 2009, 04:24:57 pm
Hey floyd, I never heard how it went and if you got in, but seeing your work looks very neat!

Looks like a very fun education and a whole experience. I'm sure anim8or won't be well known in the professional circuit, but I hope you will use it every once in a while so we can get the best out of the program.

I can already see your work improving in the first semester youre doing the education, so I can't wait to see what else is in store.

Good luck!
Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: floyd86 on November 03, 2009, 04:31:26 pm
Thanks simon, yes it has been a long time since we chatted.
Ofcourse I will be using anim8or so once in a while, it still is a great program for modeling! And ofcourse I am kind of obligate to join my own challenges at the challenge board ;).
Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: 3Dgeek11 on November 04, 2009, 01:34:19 am
Awesome work, floyd! I'm really considering going to an animation, graphics or whatever college when I'm old enough and go to one. =]

I'm glad you got in, and I can't wait to see more!
Although I don't quite understand the Photoshop class explanation you gave.

Still, great work! Looking forward to seeing more!

Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: hihosilver on November 04, 2009, 05:22:29 am
Awesome stuff!  Looking good mate.
Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: floyd86 on November 04, 2009, 08:27:45 am
Thanks you guys!

@3dgeek: For the photoshop classes with had to find a picture of an object, i picked a picture of an AK-47. From scratch and only this picture you had to make 20 pieces of art, using only the tools in photoshop, no filters. ;)
Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: spicy on December 02, 2009, 09:25:17 pm
Great work there!

Man of many talents! :)
Good luck with the course, hope to see you in some professional film credits soon. ;)
Title: Re: My School Work @ HKU Pt. 1
Post by: onespirit5777 on December 09, 2009, 11:38:12 pm
Don't look back, keep pushing to the end.