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Title: Import Bones or Armature?
Post by: wacky blend on May 12, 2010, 06:39:49 pm
Is there a script that will import the bones or armature in from other formats? 

I am bugging the hell out of my Blender contacts about this same thing.  I want to be able and should be able to go straight from Blender --> Anim8or or the reverse.  Both programs are now use a scripting language to do advanced import and export.  Some one informed me that Blender exports the bones in collada but to my knowledge there is no import script for collada?

Even so that feels just like having to jump through Anim8or --> 3DS -->Blender.  Blender uses a Python script which being no programmer myself don't know the difference between the two codes. 

If someone wanted to be the big man on campus all they have to do is cook up this script and they would be #1 in my book.
Title: Re: Import Bones or Armature?
Post by: hihosilver on May 13, 2010, 02:03:47 am
From my knowledge, though Anim8or has scripting now, that scripting doesn't extend very much past object mode.  There still isn't scripting for figures, sequences, etc.  You can export scenes, but I haven't seen an export plugin (or import plugin) for Anim8or yet.  You can keep looking but I believe you'll be out of luck until more improvements come along!