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Title: Mesh2mesh directions?
Post by: ADSohr on June 03, 2010, 03:26:13 pm

I've been trying to use the mesh2mesh_6_wnfitt_final script, but it has not been working and I cannot find any directions on how to use it. I've got the two objects named "source" and "target".
Title: Re: Mesh2mesh directions?
Post by: kreator on June 03, 2010, 03:31:20 pm
use "edit script" instead of running or loading it then read the text , with most scripts of this type it pays to look thru the text then you can glean the info you require, ie

Code: [Select]

$xabsrot=0;            /* x fixed rotation amount - degrees*/
$yabsrot=90;            /* y fixed rotation amount - degrees*/
$zabsrot=0;            /* z fixed rotation amount - degrees*/

$xrot=0.0;   /* x rotation variation - degrees*/
$yrot=0.0;                /* y rotation variation - degrees*/
$zrot=0.0;                /* z rotation variation - degrees*/

$meshptfraction = 1.0;  /* fraction of mesh point to use.  If < 1 then
                           the points used are randomly distributed. >0 */

$minusemesh=1;          /* min # copies per available point */
$maxusemesh=1;          /* max # copies per available point */
$usemeshrand=0;         /* 0=use maxusemesh, 1=random amount between
                           minusemesh and maxusemesh */

$minscale=1.0;          /* minimum scale of mesh copy >0 */
$maxscale=0.5;          /* maximum scale of mesh copy */
$scalerand=1;           /* 0=use maxscale, 1=random scale between
                           minscale and maxscale */

$yoffsetfraction=0.75;     /* fraction of source object to "sink" into surface */

$usenormals=1;          /* 1=use point normals to orient,0=orient along y axis */

$useorigmin=1;          /* 1=use original minimum y point to place object */
                        /* 0=use minimum y point after all transformations */
$useverts=0;            /* 1=place copies at the vertices, 0=do not use vertices */
$usefaces=1;            /* 1=place (#sides + 1) copies on each face
                           0=do not use faces  */
$usesourcemat=1;        /* 1=use original source materials and texture coords for copies
                           0=use target materials for copies */

randseed(13456);        /* change to get new sequence of random numbers */

Most of the writers Kuba, NickE add comments on how to use it within the script file.