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Title: I wanna go to school
Post by: rellik420 on September 07, 2010, 05:21:24 am
i know this isnt anim8or specific. but i know alot of you have gone to school for 3d related fields. im looking to go to school for video game software / programming. ive been researching myself but if any1 knows a good bad or indefferent ONLINE SCHOOL. please let me know.

my top choice as of now is westwood college. if heard some very good and very very bad results on westwood. but i cannot attend traditional in class college as of now. so online is the way to go for me.

i figure on going to go through school doing programming and not art or animation. i dont think im "worthy" of being in a school for art (2d or 3d) and i do want to get in the video game field. so this is a safe bet. i can work on my 3d stuff on my own whilst getting a degree in a programming class.

if any1 has gone through or did their own research on online game devision schools please post and let me know what the deal is.

happy anim8ing.
Title: Re: I wanna go to school
Post by: floyd86 on September 07, 2010, 01:49:17 pm
Animation mentor seems to be a good online 3d animation school:
and I can ofcourse recommend my school...but it's in holland :p
Title: Re: I wanna go to school
Post by: lynn22 on September 07, 2010, 05:12:14 pm
I found this site :
They give game programming in real classrooms and C and C++ online, might be a first step ;)
Title: Re: I wanna go to school
Post by: TheRetroZombie on October 02, 2010, 10:00:42 pm
I was thinking about becoming a art director. I'm pretty creative and organized. Though I still having trouble on what I want to be in the future. I'm now a freshman at highschool. I hope I can find something that I can do when I graduate.
Title: Re: I wanna go to school
Post by: hihosilver on October 03, 2010, 03:37:52 am
Focus on your art but also your schooling and grades right now.  If you do well in high school you'll have a lot more options for yourself in the animation industry as well.  There are online schools and straight art schools yes, but some of the best schools require strong academics as well.  Just a bit of advice!
Title: Re: I wanna go to school
Post by: Rhynder on October 31, 2010, 04:27:14 am
Sorry to kind of bump this but once I read you were considering Westwood I HAD to post. One word of advice, you request information from them and you then decide not to go to them, they will NOT stop calling you. I was harassed for 3 months, 4-5 phone calls a day, all hours of the day, from two different numbers. I called the main office every 2-3 weeks, practically begging them to stop calling me, and it wasn't until I finally called the main office and threated them with a court appearance for harassment that they stopped.

Plus anyway, I could get into a way better school than Westwood for $80,843.00! I still have the .pdf files they had me download that show the real cost for all the programs they offer (if you would like them i could post them, if you still want to go), their website lies straight to your face. Also not to mention I had to practically talk my way out of being signed up THAT day for their program just for asking for more information!

I don't mean to burst your bubble if you had your heart set on this place, just thought I would give you some fair warning. If your still looking for schools I would keep looking, don't settle.