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Title: predator
Post by: rellik420 on November 10, 2010, 02:39:37 pm
well. its one of my favourite of time characters ever invented. ever since i was a wee young lad watching one of these things kick arnolds ass in the jungle ive fallen in love with this ugly thing.

im trying to make a highly detailed full model. im at the point in my learning of modelling that i really only have problems with the shoulders. im not completely lost with deformation any more it just takes some (a lot) of tweaking.

im going to try and do this right. i dont have a whole lot of experience with texturing but i think my theory is pretty sound. i usually make a model one full model but once i complete the model i will break it up into parts so that my unwrapper will pick it up easier then i can piece it all together when its textured.

my plan is to have one body complete with accessories and have his head separate, ill have a masked and unmasked version. hopefully his mask will fit on his face and ill just have to make the mask to fit over his face but i dunno how that will work yet.

well here are some test renders. i am having trouble with his jaw and lips cause its just really wierd. but i think ill figure it out by just messing with it.
Title: Re: predator
Post by: dwsel on November 11, 2010, 02:13:36 pm
Looks good so far ;) I see why you have problems with modelling mouth... I wouldn't be brave enough to pick modelling or animating this character ;)
Title: Re: predator
Post by: rellik420 on November 12, 2010, 01:14:51 pm
yea its not easy. i finished his jaw(s) but now im a bit lost in the inside of his mouth. i think im going to have to remake it and work from the inside out. i think i made a mistake by starting from his "cheeks" and working my way down. ill just do it seperately.

i rigged it though just to see how it might work. i think ill have to make 4 or 5 bones just to make his jaw functional.

any tips on making his dreadlocks? there is going to be alot of them i think. and will be close together. i tried to use a modifier but i dont know how to use it all that well. i think i can just make 1 and just copy paste it a bunch of times. then i can just use a few bones so i can pose them to go with his final pose. i guess i can try a few different techniques but that seems like the best way to do it. anyway once i have time ill post some more renders.
Title: Re: predator
Post by: dwsel on November 12, 2010, 04:11:36 pm
The only thread I've found about it.

I'd just do single dreadlock i.e. as a cube extruded a few times, with diffuse texture and heavy bump. Then I'd copy and align (moving vertices by hand) copies around the head. At the end I'd subdivide the whole dreadlock-mass once (to avoid high poly count).

For animation in other software I'd make a cloth simulation (with rather high stiffness and distances between). For Anim8tor I have two ideas:

1. I'd make bones from roots to the ends and attach GROUPS of dreadlocks (making bone chain for each dreadlock would be overkill). Predator's dreads aren't very long and are quite heavy and stiff so you don't need more than 2-3 bones for each group. They only move up at roots when he jumps or turns head very fast.

This can be helpful too:
Pros: accuracy, possibilities
Cons: takes a lot of time, more difficult to control

2. Another solution would be to model dreads with whole Predator and conform them to the body - while rigging attach them to the the bones responsible for head, neck and arm movements (
in case you don't know Poser's conforming hair and clothing). And add only single morph for dreadlocks (dread's moved up) for jumping and turning head action (and maybe later additional morphs for head tilted right/left/down for additional accuracy).
Pros: fast and simple when animating little movements
Cons: if too many poses required then creating morphs and in-between morphs and using them on timeline may be even slower than using bones

Tell me if it works, or when I wrote something unclearly (language barer from my side may be a problem with explaining complex stuff).

BTW. I'd model and animate normal hair in similar way - I'd just use planes instead of tubes...
Title: Re: predator
Post by: rellik420 on December 15, 2010, 06:28:30 pm
thanks fo the tips. i think ill have to do some testing. i couldnt watch that poser video because im at the library and have no sound. but here in a week or 2 when i get back on my feet ill remake this project. since i will lose all of my models and everything. but thats ok. i will make some tests to see which method works best. youve been very very helpfull but i havent been able to work on anything for over 2 weeks. being homeless is boring. ocne i get set up again ill get back to modeling because honestly i miss it.

thanks again