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Title: LibAn8 v8.3.19 is available
Post by: texel on March 19, 2008, 09:06:23 pm
LibAn8 v8.3.19 is available:

LibAn8 is a C++ .an8 files loader library which developpers can use to load .an8 files in their applications (3d files converters, OpenGL or Direct3D games, renderers, ...).

New features:
_ Materials of figures are now loaded.
_ AN8XMeshFrom* (cube/sphere/cylinder) added (to convert shapes to meshes)
_ Some bugs fixed.
_ The names of some classes members have been modified (An8Face and An8vpi2D)( ex: normal -> Normal)

The source code of a very basic OpenGL viewer is available in the SDK. It depends on the GLGX library (an utility library like D3DX for Direct3D):

LibAn8 do not depends on OpenGL. You can also use it with Direct3D.