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Title: help!!!
Post by: freesailor on November 30, 2010, 08:59:21 am
can anyone tell me what is going here???(attached image) I'm trying to draw a circle with ASL, but for some(probbly simple) reason, it only draws verti(?) up to 251...the circle is supposed to have 360 points and vertices...
here's the partial code:
Code: [Select]

               $z=0; $inc = ($z*PI)/180; $x = 0; $y = 0;
for $i = 0 to 360 do
$x = cos($inc)*$h; $y = sin($inc)*$h;
$circle.VertexN($circle.AddPoint(($x, $y, 0)));
$z = $z+1;
$inc = ($z*PI)/180;
I can't figure it out, it draws the full circle if I use 2 degree increments, but not with one...grrrrrrr
as you can see, I'm only getting about 70% of the circle... but all the points are there????javascript:void(0);

Title: Re: help!!!
Post by: TheBlackHole on November 30, 2010, 03:00:06 pm
If all you need is a circle, use an n-gon with 360 sides and fill it. ;)
Title: Re: help!!!
Post by: hihosilver on November 30, 2010, 09:13:18 pm
My guess is just that you have too many vertices/edges for the face to be built.  There may be some kind of a limit in Anim8or.  I would try working to code so that when the circle is created it creates multiple faces instead of the single one.
Title: Re: help!!!
Post by: freesailor on December 01, 2010, 12:15:16 am
hmmm... hihosilver, that is one conclusion that I reached..fooey
and TheBlackHole, I need more then just a circle... have a new project in the works(see attached image:gear.jpg)...
which brings me to another problem I'm having with subdivision(image attached: huh.jpg)... the mesh is the same as I've seen in others models, but mine won't subdivide correctly... I assume that I'm not drawing it in the right order or something... any help????
thanks for your advice, both of ya and