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Title: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: CoriDavis on December 25, 2011, 02:10:59 am
I need a way to reduce the RAM and Processor usage of Scene editor, because on my computer it's getting ridiculous. You guys know my problems with RAM, but I also discovered that my processor is measured in MHz.  That's hardly the bare minimum in functionality!

"Mobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3500+ 351 MHz, 896MB of RAM Physical Address Extention"

Well, a certain problem popped up (which I still can't find) that is dramatically decreasing the speed of Anim8or in Scene Mode.  I move a shape, and it literally takes longer than 60 seconds for it to move from point A to point B, and sometimes it doesn't even land on point B!  I really need a way to speed this up, because it's making it nearly unusable and more than frustrating!
I tried hiding high-poly shapes that I wasn't working with, which sped things up a little, but it's still bad.  I also got a cleaning program that found over 8000 problems with my computer and supposedly fixed them, but still no luck with Anim8or. Any suggestions? I need them badly.
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: $imon on December 25, 2011, 08:59:50 am
Hm that's a tough problem - the only other thing i can think of now is unsubdividing all your models in object mode, animate them, and then subdivide them again when you are going to render them. If that's even too heavy you can replace the objects in object mode with a primitive (cube or something) and animate then, then substitute them for the real model again when youre done.
Also in case you haven't done that (but i think you probably have), close all other heavy programs that are running.

Just some thoughts. hope you can figure it out! because a minute for every move is a little too much ;)
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: Raxx on December 25, 2011, 03:37:12 pm
351MHz seems awfully low for that processor, sounds more like a FSB frequency. Are you sure that's correct? Is it a netbook or old laptop?

Rather than speed up your scene editor, you need to speed up your computer :P The only suggestion I can make in regards to that is to reformat and reinstall a clean copy of windows. This will eliminate just about all the excess junk that might have accumulated over the years. Then optimize it using to get it running as efficiently as possible (I'm assuming you're using WinXP. If not then that's part of your problem right there, with that kind of computer). If a new computer is out of sight, then maybe you can upgrade your RAM. Memory is pretty cheap nowadays and boosting it to 2gb instead of the 1gb will help, if your motherboard can handle it.

By the way, it seems more likely to be either your processor or graphics acceleration (or lack of) that is the culprit. With laptops you can't do much with both except tweak the software that's using it. Use that tweakhound link and eliminate everything but the bare minimum in bells and whistles.
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: CoriDavis on December 25, 2011, 07:38:25 pm
Yeah, I know I need a new computer. The power is extremely low because it is a really old laptop. It's a Dell Latitude D531 which I did research on and found reviews from 2006, which is very old in terms of technology. (even other Latitudes I've used were horribly slow, so I assume the whole series is horrible).  Mine was used too, which would explain some of its condition.  I just need a way to speed it up to hold me over until I someday get a new one.

Unsubdividing the models doesn't seem to work either, even hiding them doesn't speed it up.  When I hid my figure, the leftover shapes are single-poly squares with transmaps that are not subdivided.  What did improve though, was the speed of zooming in and out and resizing objects, which moved in real-time.  That shows some improvement somewhere, but moving and rotating them is still slow.  A little faster, but it takes about 10 seconds to move to wherever I dragged it to. I'll just have to keep trying things.
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: dwsel on December 25, 2011, 11:19:27 pm
I believe that computer you have is able to handle scenes/objects of complexity you work with. I have even slower machine in terms of CPU speed and RAM and the maiin problem is still speed of rendering. I encounter slow viewport (on all machines) only when working with lots of instances i.e. grass. Subdivision should not be problem as well, because as somebody mentioned you can lower preview value. You may have problems with importing high poly objects with hires textures from various sources or from sculpting software (Sculptris, Zbrush) without prior retopology of the models.

For your problem I'd possibly blame either GPU or system clogged with old drivers, unused software, well hidden viruses (you don't know they're in your system, so you can't hunt them down).

uCould you post problematic scene so we could see if the scene is so heavy that it should slow your system that much?

If it's not case, then full reinstall sounds reasonable.
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: ENSONIQ5 on December 26, 2011, 12:07:21 am
My main workhorse computer is an AMD Sempron running at 1.33GHz (supposedly) and although I no longer render with it I am still able to work with very complex files without the sort of issues you are facing.  For example, one project I am currently working with (Transneptune Triton base exterior) is currently over 137MB with no major speed problems.  The only time I ever experienced issues like yours was with a castle project a few years back that topped out at over 287MB before I abandoned it, and in this case the issue turned out to be memory (or lack of it).  Upgrading from the original 500MB to 1.5GB RAM fixed the problem.

When your system runs out of RAM it will make use of 'virtual memory', which is essentially an area on your nominated hard disk(s) that can be used as temporary storage.  The access speed of your hard disk is WAY slower than RAM and will have a catastrophic effect on performance, which sounds like what you are experiencing.  As Raxx mentioned, upgrading to 2GB should be fairly cheap these days, though I don't know much about Dell laptops and how upgradable they are.

To check if memory is the problem, open Anim8or and load the file that is causing the problems.  Then open Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) and open the Performance tab.  In the Physical Memory section check your Total (should be around 1000000 on your system) and the Available figure (circled in red in the attached screenshot).  If your available memory is low (approaching zero) your system will be relying on virtual memory.

Aside from adding more memory (I would recommend 1.5GB as a minimum for Anim8or) you can make sure nothing else is running that doesn't need to be.  Also in Task Manager, in the Processes tab, sort by the Mem Usage column (click the title) and you will be able to see the processes that are using the most memory.  You might be able to close some of these (highlight and click on End Process) but be aware that some are important for the correct operation of Windows.  If while closing processes things start acting weird just reboot and all will be well.  The biggest culprits are likely to be antivirus software and other such 'memory resident' entities, which could be closed so long as you disconnect from the internet temporarily (don't be connected to the internet without AV software, reboot before reconnecting).

Along with the previous suggestions re optimising and reinstalling a fresh Windows copy, in my experience the biggest factor in slowing systems down is insufficient memory and if you are able to manage it I would definitely recommend upgrading to a 2GB chip.  The memory type your laptop will take should still be available from any decent computer service shop.
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: dwsel on December 26, 2011, 11:41:18 am
One more idea came to my mind. It may save you from buying new hardware and OS reinstall.

You mentioned early that you had 'over 8000 problems' with your computer. There are forums like or where volunteers trained in looking for viruses, mess left after these and other possible problems may tell you the source of your problems (software/hardware) help you to clean up/optimize your computer and eventually help to decide on OS reinstall/buying new hardware.

Try following this guide: to post a topic on this forum: Try to be as much general as you can, and describe all problems you're facing recently. I believe it's worth to try asking for help there, as they're able to save your system and let it function well for several months more (before you buy a new computer) if you follow their advices.

Anim8or forum I believe is not an appropriate place to give further detailed suggestions on that subject.
Title: Re: Speed up Scene editor?
Post by: CoriDavis on January 05, 2012, 12:19:44 am
Great news everybody! I'm getting a new laptop and it should arrive tomorrow or very soon after!  I am SO excited and can't wait to get rid of this old thing. I'm still deciding what to do with it after I transfer the files and wipe it out.